Get Your Hyundai Spring Ready

With spring on its way, and (hopefully!) the worst weather behind us, it's time to prepare your vehicle for the new season. Winter takes its toll on any car, and while spring's the time for lighter nights and longer days, it's important to give your vehicle some TLC. 

We recommend you visit Delaney Hyundai for a vehicle health check, but in the meantime, here are some tips on getting your freshened up for springtime. 

Give Your Wipers a Look...

Rain doesn't stop in the springtime. Make sure you check your wiper blades for functionality and replace them if necessary. Windshield wipers must function properly to keep you safe on the road -- don't neglect this vital check. 

Fluid levels are just as important as vehicle parts. You'll likely use more wiper fluid during the colder, damper months than the springtime -- look after your windshield wipers and get the most out of them by keeping your fluid levels topped up. 

Not sure how to check your fluid levels? Delaney Hyundai can do this for you.

Give Your Hyundai a Bath...

It sounds obvious, but giving your car a proper wash and wax is the best way to freshen it up after a few months of snow, ice, mud, and grit. Once your car's washed, you can visually inspect it and check for obvious problems such as worn tires, body dents, and window cracks. 

Get Some Fresh Oil...

It's good practice to check your oil levels regularly. This habit keeps your engine running smoothly and your vehicle performing at its best. Springtime is the perfect opportunity to refresh your oil. Book an appointment for a springtime oil change with Delaney Hyundai today.

Check Tires...

Change your tires back from winter ones now that spring is here. If you didn't opt for winter tires last year, inspect your current tires and check their condition. Check the tire pressure, the tread, and look for general wear and tear. 

We recommend replacing your tires in the springtime and ensuring you've got a fully-functioning spare in the trunk. It's also a good idea to check your alignment and make sure your tires are balanced. 

Prepare for an Emergency...

Breakdowns, traffic jams, and accidents still happen in the spring. Make sure you replace anything you used from your emergency kit and check to make sure it's fully stocked. Unsure what you need? Ask Delaney Hyundai today.

General Service...

Spring is the perfect opportunity to book your vehicle in for a general health check. Delaney Hyundai can inspect your motor efficiently and safely and ensure it's spring ready. We recommend both a spring and a winter health check to get the most out of your vehicle. 

Contact Delaney Hyundai today for more helpful advice and to book your car's spring checkup!

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