Spring is Here: Protect Your Hyundai from Pollen

Spring is just around the corner, but that can only mean one thing — so is allergy season. Not only is pollen rough on the nose, it's also extremely bad for your vehicle. The acidity in pollen is the worst part about the tiny yellow specs, and it can cause fast rusting on your car and even damage your paint.

It's important that you take care of your vehicle correctly during pollen season to ensure that the effects of pollen don't deteriorate your ride.

Here are a few tips from keeping the harmful yellow dust from damaging your vehicle: 

1. Give your Hyundai a bath...

When you realize that your vehicle has a bright yellow shine, it has fallen victim to the effects of pollen. It's important to get the dust washed off, but just using water won't do the trick. You'll need to use a high-quality car-safe soap that will remove all traces of pollen from the paint of your vehicle. 

2. Wax your car after it's been washed...

Even if you're not used to waxing your car or don't think it's normally necessary, it can work wonders when you're dealing with pollen. Not only does it help protect your paint in normal circumstances, it can help keep pollen from getting into your paint layer and doing more damage. No matter what, take the extra time to wax your vehicle after washing. 

3. Change your vehicle's carbon filter...

Now that you understand the harmful effects of pollen on the outside of your car, it's important to understand that it's not great to have on the inside either. Not only can it bother you and other riders, it can really wear down your cabin filter. For that reason, you should make a habit out of changing your carbon filter during the spring to ensure that your system doesn't push pollen to the interior of your vehicle. Here at Delaney Hyundai, we can take care of changing your cabin filter, too!

Pollen doesn't have to be a bother!

If you're worried about protecting your car this coming pollen season, you don't have to! The experts at Delaney Hyundai can help ensure that your car is protected. Give us a call at Delaney Hyundai today!

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